Courageous Women Throughout History

The women of the past were brave and spirited ladies who knew what they wanted in life and wanted to make a difference in the community where they lived. There were many who spoke out on women’s rights.

Do you have some courageous ancestors that were an influence on you? I had a great grandmother who stood up for her rights and would not allow anyone to intimidate her. She was told by a group of men that if she denounced her religion then they would not burn down her home. The leader of the mob was a large burly man and she had every right to be frightened. But Martha would not give in to fear. She was a devout Christian and would not deny her Faith. With strength and courage, she stomped her foot and said: “You may burn it and be damned.”

I had another great grandmother who was an influence on my life. When she saw some thieves stealing her grapes, she knew they would not be afraid of her if she tried to chase them off. An idea came to her. Frances put on her husband’s cavalry uniform, tucked her hair inside his hat, and grasped his sword from its scabbard. Bravely marching outside onto the porch, she brandished the weapon in a threatening manner and demanded in a loud voice “Leave or perish!” I’m sure she smiled inside when she saw them take off like scared rabbits.

My great grandmothers were an example to me. If I were in either of my grandmother’s shoes, I wonder if I would have had that much courage. After reading their biographies, I took their stories and created a series of novellas called Women of Courage.

In The Light at the End of the Tunnel, Hannah is a young single mother who has had some hardships since arriving in America. But the trials in her life only make her stronger. Wanting to be independent, she opens a hot chocolate shop. At first, it’s a struggle. But she will not give up.

In A Lady of Refinement, Serenity is an educated young woman from Wales. After arriving in America, she decides to teach adults how to read and write. She is determined to help the citizens learn the enjoyment of reading. One of her favorite books is Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. No one seems to measure up to this valiant knight until Jonathan comes along.

In A Mississippi Sunset, Laura gives lectures regularly, encouraging women to fight for their beliefs and be heard. Equality is her message. But she soon finds out that women who speak publicly are looked down upon and criticized, saying it is unwomanly and unchristian to speak publicly. But she has faith in God and knows He will help her in the cause for justice.

Women of Courage Series

The Light at the end of the Tunnel: When Thomas finds out that Hannah’s shop is struggling, he comes to the rescue with a clever plan. Will she agree to such an unconventional idea? Can he convince her to find room in her heart for one more person?

A Lady of Refinement: When Jonathan meets Serenity, an educated and courageous woman from Wales, he becomes intrigued with her and wonders how he can win her heart. Her brother gives him some advice, but Jonathan begins to question his wisdom. Should he trust his friend or is he leading him astray?

A Mississippi Sunset: When Deputy Davies meets Laura, he is intrigued with her independent nature. He admires her spunk and wonders if such a woman would be interested in a small town deputy like himself.

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