The Christmas Story & Other Beloved Stories of Jesus

These inspiring stories of Jesus are told in narrative style to help readers understand the life of Jesus Christ. This style of writing brings the stories to life for all ages, so you can understand the scriptures better. The font is larger for easier reading, especially for children, teenagers, and grandparents. You will read about the birth of Jesus, His miracles, the last supper, and His resurrection.

Sunnie Reviews wrote: “A beautiful book written in an easy to understand style for adults and young people alike.  The words and the artwork are amazing.  The art is from a renowned artist.  This is a great gift idea for younger readers to help them realize the important events that are well explained in this book.”

This book includes beautiful inspirational paintings by Del Parson, the renowned artist. Each painting gives the feeling of reverence and peace. You can actually feel the love that Jesus has for all of us. To learn more about Del Parson and his inspirational paintings, visit This book is available on Amazon.

“This book reminds me of an old Bible story book that my mother use to read to me every night. It includes the story of Jesus birth, His miracles, the Last Supper, the crucifixion and resurrection. This book would make a wonderful gift.” — Ann Ferri, Reviewer